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Software Features

Single line functions for every aspect of the Mikro-p platform including swarm robot capabilities, movement and reading from sensors.

Comes with fuctions for different behaviours such as scared mode, angry mode, happy mode, curious mode, etc. which you can switch between with single line of code. Also you can program your own behaviours.

Easy to program and develope projects.

Uploading your code and charging from USB without the need of an external programmer or charger.

Create your own code with Microchip's powerfull MPLABX IDE.

Emotional Response Functions

Give some soul to your Mikro-P

Like afraid, surprise and more.

Movement Functions

Make Mikro-P move all around the world

Go to that disance
Turn for a given angle.

Detect Objects and Colors

Change the way it looks

Find red objects
Go and stop before a block

Communicate With Friends

Make swarm communications

Let Mikro-P share it's findings with other Mikro-P's.